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final project proposal pt. deux

So as I mentioned before I wanted to create a blog that discusses the activities to do in LA at night. After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to only blog about the places I go to at night on primarily Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. I want to have categories such as food, dancing, drinking, and lounging- four topics I think I can easily cover in the city. So for example, this weekend I will be dining at Yen Sushi in Culver City– so, with a potential blog post, I will discuss the a) service b) menu&price c) atmosphere d) taste e) miscellaneous commentary. With each post, I will take a picture of my food and discuss my personal experience with the restaurant and its effectiveness as a possible place to dine during the evening.

In regards to other aspects of nightlife, such as bar hopping or clubbing- I will venture out into different parts of LA (some of which I already have, i.e. Hermosa Beach, Venice, Hollywood) and document the places I go and the types of people/vibes each place has to offer. I will also note the prices of drinks as well as quality of music. This is just a rough idea which I will hopefully be able to expand upon as the posts become more abundant through my nightlife experiences.

Ideally, I would like to be able to map the city with my blog posts; however, more realistically speaking, I will most likely voyage to the “hot spots” of LA and document my encounters with what’s “in” in LA.

On the topic of “lounging” I think that one of my favorite things to do during this time (when you feel so lazy that all you want to do is get food and go back to your home and watch movies), I want to show my audience what I do to relax. So this can include anything from watching RedBox movies to playing trivia at a dive bar.

Hopefully my readers will enjoy the realistic feel to my blog and relate to the kinds of activities LA has to offer. There are so many things to do during the weekends (and sometimes weekdays) that it would be ideal to write about the things I LOVE to do!